Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Web site as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

Consumer Agreement

By rental of the Fetal Doppler Monitor you are accepting the terms and conditions of rental as outlined below.

You are responsible for discussing the use of this product with your healthcare provider. Dopplers to Diapers Ltd. assumes no liability or responsibility for any difficulties that may occur in relation to the use of the Fetal Doppler Monitor.

To rent the Dopplers to Diapers Ltd. monitor you will be charged: the current rental price/month plus applicable taxes – charged to the credit card number given.

When renting the unit, the initial charge to your credit card will be made on the day the unit is shipped. Once your initial subscription period has expired, recurring monthly charges will be made on the same day each month thereafter until the unit is returned or purchased. When returning the unit, please contact us via telephone or e-mail and charges will be held for 48 hours past the billing date. Rental fees are not pro-rated. All rental fees from current rental apply towards the purchase price of the unit.


Dopplers to Diapers Ltd. warrants that the Fetal Doppler Monitor will perform to standard specifications during the rental period.

Dopplers to Diapers Ltd. will replace any unit that fails during the rental period.  However, if the unit is damaged by misuse, neglect or accident, the customer assumes full liability for repair or replacement costs.  If the unit is stolen, lost, or destroyed, the customer will be charged the full price of the unit: $650 CDN (plus HST) for the Fetal Doppler Monitor.


Upon receiving the Fetal Doppler Monitor, if you are not completely satisfied, contact us at 1-866-210-1633 and return the Fetal Doppler Monitor to Doppler to Diapers Ltd. within 5 days for a refund (except for the shipping and handling fee).

When you are ready to return the Fetal Doppler Monitor, please follow the “return instructions” enclosed with your order and return the Fetal Doppler Monitor in its original shipping container to Dopplers to Diapers Ltd.