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Moms-to-be use our fetal dopplers for many reasons. Whether you are considering using a fetal doppler for peace-of-mind, reassurance or simply the joy of sharing your baby’s heartbeat with loved ones, we invite you to read what our customers have to say about their experience using Dopplers to Diapers for their fetal doppler rental!

I highly recommend the Doppler. My husband and I had been trying for a baby and when we finally became pregnant, we were still hesitant with whether we were truly pregnant or that it would even last. Having the Doppler made us feel more relaxed when we felt uncertain about whether the baby was doing well or not. I also enjoyed seeing the first moment when my husband found and heard the baby’s heart beat with the Doppler. His face lit up, even though he had heard a recording of the heartbeat before. The device is reassuring for the first few months before the baby starts to move. Thank you.
Amanda, Coquitlam, British Columbia

My wife and I are expecting our first child in February and your device greatly put our minds at ease often throughout the pregnancy. Whenever we got worried if the baby was not moving much, we would use the doppler just to double check that everything was still okay. It was also very exciting to be able to hear our baby’s heart beating whenever we wanted. Overall it was a great tool to have and helped reduce stress during the pregnancy. Thank you so much, I would definitely recommend this to all my friends.
Jared, Port Moody, British Columbia

My experience with this company has exceeded my expectations. The customer service was exceptional and the staff went above and beyond to get me a Doppler. I live in an isolated posting where medical attention is sparse and having this Doppler has assured me day after day. I had 3 miscarriages before this pregnancy and I cannot express the relief and gratitude to have the ability to hear my baby’s heartbeat. I would recommend this company to any pregnant woman out there! I also have a 4 year old son who enjoys hearing his baby brother/sister’s heart and helps to keep him involved! If only all businesses could be as exceptional as this one!
Bonita, Stewart, British Columbia

Thank you so much again Trisha! Finding your website was a true Godsend for both me and Michelle! And your kind messages and special treatment was way above and beyond! The pain that poor girl went thru…and the look in her eyes when I handed her the Doppler…it was like I had handed her the world! Im sure Michelle has told you that we do have one little tiny bundle of joy who we all will treasure (and will spoil cause Grammas can do that! ha ha). Thanks again sooooo much!
Debbie, North Vancouver & Squamish, British Columbia

I have never had more of a positive experience…Trisha is wonderful, understanding and extremely helpful. The doppler that I rented has never failed me and I have been using it since 8.5 weeks. The sound is clear, the babie’s heartbeat is always detectable (and I have an anterior placenta). Overall, I couldn’t be more satesfied! I would definately recommend this product to any pregnant family\friend! It really offered peace of mind and it’s great to bring along when traveling. Although I am currently 6 months pregnant, and feel regular kicks, I always find it fun to hear a little heart beating away on my doppler! The doppler works so well that I decided to keep it till the end of my pregnancy. Thank you Dopplers to Diapers! you made me avoid many un-necessary trips to the hospital and you really made my pregnancy a peaceful one!
Lora, Ville St. Laurent, Quebec

I wanted to touch base and tell you what an amazing comfort it has been to have my doppler during my pregnancy. In the beginning few weeks when you know you are pregnant but really have no signs of being pregnant it was so reassuring to be able to put the doppler on and hear our babies heartbeat and know everything was ok in there. I used the doppler very frequently and found that I could record the heartbeat on my phone or on my computer and keep it as a keep sake or send to my mother who lives overseas to keep her part of the pregnancy. I also used skype to be able to show mum the doppler on my tummy and so she could hear babies heartbeat. When I did this she burst in to tears and said it was the most amazing thing she has seen and heard.

Later on in my pregnancy I slipped on ice and fell down a flight of concrete steps, although I felt fine I used my doppler to listen to babies heartbeat to check all was ok. I know I could have gone to the hospital but this was way more convenient.

When other girls in my prenatal courses were rushing in for stress tests I could just listen to my baby anytime I wanted and be reassured. The monthly doctors appointments to hear the heartbeat took forever to come around so anytime I was feeling in doubt I listened and all my fears and worries melted away.

We had a baby boy, on the 14th April 2011 and I fully intend to purchase my doppler “just in case” we ever have another child it has been that valuable to me.

I have told everyone I know about Dopplers to Diapers. The customer service is amazing and I highly recommend this wonderful company who sincerely care about their customers. Thank you.
Tracey, Salmon Arm, British Columbia

Thank you for your kind wishes! It was a delight to speak with you, and I’m excited to try out the doppler for the first time. Please accept my thanks for your outstanding customer service. If only more businesses could extend the same gracious courtesy as you have on behalf of Dopplers to Diapers. With warm regards,
Sabrina, Toronto, Ontario

Thank you again for this amazing service, Sean my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed having the peace of mind hearing our little Peanuts heart beat….it is the most amazing sound in the world!!! I will always recommend this to all my friends and family who become pregnant or for myself when we decide to have any more children. Thank you again!!
Izabella & Sean, Hinton, Alberta

Hi Trisha,you are so sweet, thanks for keeping me in your thoughts. I’m finding that this pregnancy thing is such an interesting venue for bringing people across the country and the globe together. I am part of this pregnancy chat website, and I feel like I know half of these women that I chat with every day about symptoms/concerns, etc. because we are all going through the same thing at virtually the same time. Such an interesting growing experience, especially when I was too early to tell all my real-life girlfriends! Thanks again for your support! Your company offers such a great tool for providing reassurance during such a tumultuous time – thanks for being there! Have a great weekend.
Karen,Toronto, Ontario

Hi Trisha. I just wanted to let you know I got the Doppler today!! And wanted to thank you for the super fast shipping and how great you were through my order!! After having a previous miscarriage I tend to think the worst all the time and after hearing the heartbeat today it was just so reassuring especially since my drs appt is still over a week away!! This will definitely decrease my anxiety/stress level!!!
So thanks again for everything! Kind regards,
Angel, Pitt Meadows, British Columbia

Trisha, thank you so much for your prompt and kind care; Gabrielle has received the Doppler and it immediately, and really incredibly, eased her anxiety when she was able to hear her baby’s heartbeat. Again I must thank you. Best regards,
Marie (Mom-from Quebec, rented for her daughter, who lives in Arnprior, Ontario)

Hi Trisha, I wanted to share some good news…I delivered a little boy on November 15th….he is healthy and doing well. I wanted to thank you for the doppler…it was so incredibly useful in easing my anxiety…I found myself on some days using it 3-4 times a day—it got me through some really tough days when my anxiety was at its peak. Many thanks,
Shahee, Mississauga, Ontario

Thank you so very much!! Can’t thank you enough for your service, I found it to be such a comfort – especially when it comes down to the final few weeks when sometime baby just doesn’t move as much as you’d like!! Thanks again! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know having a baby!! (and should we have another – we have 4 girls now – 4, 3, 2 and 10 days old– I will definitely use your service again — but I do expect we are finished!! 😉
Amber, Gimli, Manitoba

Thanks again for your amazing customer service. I will definitely continue to recommend you to other Moms. You made such a difference for us! Who knows, maybe I will need your service again in the future…(still talking the hubby into that one haha!). Take care! Warm regards,
Helen, Port Moody, British Columbia

I received the doppler this morning! Thank you so much for your help, you have been absolutely wonderful to deal with! Thanks again.
Andrea , Winona, Ontario

Trisha, thanks so much for such a wonderful opportunity to rent the Doppler. There were a couple of times that it really reassured me that the baby was fine. Thanks again so very muchI have recommended this to a couple of patients and as a nurse practitioner, will have opportunities to recommend in the future as well.
Bonnie, Morpeth, Ontario

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I did receive the Doppler on Friday and we have listened to the heartbeat a few times since then =) It has brought us so much peace of mind and I’m so glad I found your company online! Thanks again,
Carrie, Brooklin, Ontario

We just tried it and easily found our little 12 week old “creature’s” heartbeat!! I was diagnosed with a hematoma near the placenta and therefore have some bleeding and lots of caution!! so having this unit is great for peace of mind and to help me focus on the positives. Thank you so much for providing this service, its affordable, easy and you seem just so incredibly lovely! Thanks!!!!!
Victoria, Barrie, Ontario

I received my doppler in the mail today. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You would not believe the peace of mind that it has given me even though I have only had it for one night. I had my 14 week appointment at the Dr’s office last Friday and he couldn’t find the heartbeat. He told me not to worry because everything else seemed fine, but that was easier said that done. My ultrasound is not until 18 weeks and I knew I couldn’t wait that long to be sure that everything was okay. Within about 10 minutes of trying to find the heartbeat last night both my best friend (who is also pregnant) and I, found it. I cannot thank you enough for providing this prompt, exceptional service in Canada! It was a bonus that the rental came with a huge supply of free gel – the price you quoted to me was the price I paid with no added fees … impressive! Thanks again Dopplers to Diapers.
Crystal, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hello Norah and Karla (of Dopplers to Diapers), The doppler unit has been so wonderful with the pregnancy and hearing the baby’s heartbeat has been reassuring for both me and my wife. We have decided to keep the unit until the birth of our baby. Thank you for making our pregnancy experience a memorable one.
Chris, Coquitlam, British Columbia

I’d heard about Dopplers to Diapers by word of mouth and decided to do a doppler rental around 10 weeks. I heard the heartbeat at 10 and a half weeks. When I went to my doc at 11.5 weeks, she couldn’t hear the heartbeat. I went home, fired up the doppler, and heard a reassuring heartbeat. At 13.5 weeks, I went back to the doctor for another try, and still no heartbeat at the doctor’s office. She immediately ordered an ultrasound; I immediately went home and, you guessed it, heard the heartbeat. Of course, the next day the ultrasound showed a healthy baby with a beautifully beating heart. I’m hoping you can imagine how worried I would have been for a good two weeks, if I had not been able to hear the heartbeat when my doctor couldn’t find it. So, thank you VERY much, and keep up the excellent service.
Andrea, Vancouver, British Columbia

Dear Norah and Karla, my husband is with the Air Force and we are posted to Edmonton and have not been home to see our families (parents and grandparents) in 3 years. Dopplers to Diapers provided us with a means of allowing Michele’s mom (a first time grandmother) with hearing her grandson’s heartbeat over the phone in Nova Scotia. She said she felt like she was here for a moment being able to hear him. Again, thank you so much for having the ingenuity of creating such a valuable service to expectant parents. We have passed along your information and business card to our obstetrician since apparently many expectant parents out there are desperately searching for dopplers and can’t find them. Your service could not have been more efficient than if your business was in Edmonton itself, we were so pleased with everything and the quality of the machine was second to none. We wish you continued success with your business and we certainly will tell everyone about Dopplers to Diapers!
Paul and Michele, Edmonton, Alberta

Thank you so much for the opportunity to rent a doppler from your company during our pregnancy. We used the unit daily and according to our physician we will be expecting our first son in 3 weeks or so. Again thank you so much for helping my wife and I have “peace of mind” and reassurance during our pregnancy! Sincerely,
Ray, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dear Dopplers to Diapers, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing service I received when renting a doppler from your company. I ordered the doppler on a Wednesday and couldn’t believe it when it arrived the next day. It was so great! I was 10 weeks pregnant and found the heartbeat right away. It was very exciting for both my husband and me. Thank you so much for making the end of my first trimester exciting and stress free. I would recommend your company to every couple having a baby. All the best,
Maria, Mississauga, Ontario

I have spoken to my family doctor about your excellent service. She was unaware your service existed right here in Canada but encouraged me to rent a doppler during my pregnancy. I will be bringing the portable doppler to show her, as well as information about your website, as she is sure other patients may also be interested in your service. I find I use it maybe once per week, in between monthly doctor visits now. I like that it has speaker capability, as my husband can hear at the same time. Although this is our first baby, I can only imagine how much more families might get out of having a doppler, as expectant “big” brothers and sisters could also get to hear their little siblings heartbeat while mommy’s expecting. I was so pleased to find a service such as yours existed. What a terrific and helpful idea and your customer service is amazing! Thanks so much.
Deanna, Calgary, Alberta

My husband and I won a Dopplers to Diapers rental through a contest and we just wanted to extend a huge thank you for this opportunity. I miscarried previously so the use of the doppler came at the perfect time in this pregnancy! We will forever remember how exciting it was to hear the sound of magic! Thanks again!
Jen, Regina, Saskatchewan

Hi Trisha, after a delay at Canada Post the doppler arived this afternoon and I could not be happier with my decision to rent a doppler!! Thank you so much for everything and know that I am definitely passing your information onto friends and family. This is such an awesome service you offer and I honestly have never had better customer service before. I can’t wait to see the looks on my grandparents face when they hear their great-grandaughter’s heartbeat next week!!
Sabrina, Regina, Saskatchewan